Centennial Challenge, equipped with China

(1) cold rolling 160mm × 3200mm heavy CNC rolling mill;
(2) 150 tons bridge crane; single lifting capacity of up to 300t;
(3) a single set of support capacity of 200t / 400t / 800t large transfer, and anti-cylinder axial movement;
(4) 10m × 8m welding automatic operation frame;
(5) Sweden ESAB imported narrow gap automatic welding machine;
(6) the United States LINCOLN imports with a very automatic welding machine;
(7) Finland KEMPPI imports of the saddle mouth weld automatic welding machine;
(8) Italy imported tube plate automatic argon arc welding system;
(9) computer scattered multi-point precise temperature control 8M × 8M × 20M heat treatment furnace;
(10) penetrate the steel plate thickness of 250mm 4Mev electronic high-energy linear line accelerator;